Simply Clean 7 2015 part 1

Months later, we have coverage from Simply Clean 7 held at Destination Daytona in Florida.

Photos by: Yomar Lopez – Joseph Dale

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-2

Simply Clean 7 usually brings the year to an end here in the southeast.  It allows us to get a final taste of warm weather before we all go in hibernation for the winter.  Simply Clean’s audience has a heavy online presence, I have mentioned before that this event is like a gathering of all the “cool kids” online, and has gotten the tag for being a stance event.  Truthfully majority of the cars are slammed,bagged, and will never ever see a race track ever in their life.  Going out of town always is a pleasure because we get to see builds we dont regularly see.  Simply Clean  always delivers quality for us, and makes the trip well worth the trip.  This year BC Racing hosted a pre meet at Buffalo Wild Wings the night before.  We went straight to the pre-meet when we got in town..

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-9

BC Racing displaying their BC Forged wheels

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-25

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-7

Tyrell’s Miata

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-17

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-5

Manny from Highwaystar Garage Sti.  Manny’s Subaru (Roxanne) had been rear ended and thought to be totalled out earlier in the year.  But he has kept it low key and rebuilt the car back to its bright red glory.

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-11

CJ Gann’s R32 Sedan

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-21

Josh Berger’s M3

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-14 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-26

Chris Rodriguez’ Genesis

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-15

We were pretty tired and did not take many photos of the pre meet.  We just grabbed some food, and chilled, and headed to the venue to set up the tent.  

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-33

The unique part about Simply Clean is the location.  The venue is the same as the actual main hotel for the event.  So the night before when people start to arrive, the main paddock is a low key small pre meet, and a chance to get a peek at some of the display vehicles.  It is the best time to actually look at the cars because its shaded and full of people during the event.  

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-37Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-36

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-35

You get a good idea of how close the main pavilion is to the actual hotel with this photo.  Which is taken from the balcony right outside a hotel room.  
Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-32


One of my favorites, the paint was flawless.  Hard to find a quality black paint job these days. 


Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-30

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-34

The rooms at Destination Daytona are really nice, if your lucky enough to snag a suite for the weekend. Devin Dees showing you all how the rest of the night went…

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-42

The Simply Clean team has really grown over the years, and have carved out their place in the community.  We both came up around the same time in 2010 Over the years they have stayed true to their philosophy “its not a competition”.  Looking at the cars, and it being a mostly young crowd one would think that the egos would be all over the place.  But everyone uses the weekend to catch up for lost times, and chill.  


Gorgeous MK3 Jetta outside the pavilion.  

_DSC9471 _DSC9467

Josh Berger’s M3 


Tuan Chau’s Integra 


Always enjoy seeing the Wireworx Civic when we are in Florida. 

_DSC9446 _DSC9442

Manny’s Subaru of Highway Star Garage.  As I stated before Manny’s Subaru had been in a bad accident earlier in the year.  And I would have never knew it was the same car if I didnt see him standing next to it.   How the Subaru used to look



Get used to this for the rest of the photos, because I am pretty sure there were more bagged cars in attendance then static ones.  

_DSC9430 _DSC9427

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-188 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-186

Kevin Salinas’ BMW Z3 M 

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-185 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-184 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-183 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-181

Ruck House had a fleet of Ruckus on display.

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-175

Air Lift brings out their big trailer for this event, and rightfully so.  Florida has to be one of their biggest markets. 


Florida’s own Vossen wheels had a fleet of cars on display.  Lexus RC sporting their new Precision Forged wheel in gold. 



Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-51

Another Florida born wheel company CCW bringing out a pair of MK4 Supras.  

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-50

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-46 Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-45

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-67


Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-210

Shout out to the Simply Clean staff for keeping things in order and being really organized.  We go to a lot of events, and one thing we notice is order, and they do a real good job of keeping order, and handling everything all afternoon.  Staff is always around and visible all day, which is a plus.  

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-228

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-225


S2000 and M3 on BC Forged wheels.

_DSC9331 _DSC9328

Simply Clean Coverage (Yomar L)-214

All we have for this part of Simply Clean 7, the next post we will go out to the pre registered lot.  Thanks for looking


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