Lydell’s Ford Fusion

Photos By: Yomar Lopez – @23weekends


if you look at the photos, you can clearly see that they were taken in the fall.  They kind of fell between the cracks, but I always wanted to share Lydell’s Fusion with you all because his story is much like most of us.  Taking that first car and making the best out of it..


In the 10th grade Lydell worked all summer to be able to buy the Fusion from his mom for $1000.  Similar to my first car situation except I  worked and saved up and my mom promised to match my savings.  My savings got me $1000 and my mom put another $1000 with it.   At the time in 2000, I wanted a 1994 Honda Accord Coupe so bad, but that was way out of my price range at the time.  Somehow I was tricked into buying a 93 Ford Escort, comparing first cars I feel like Lydell got a better start then I did…haha  


The Fusion was silver when it was purchased from his mom. Modifying the Fusion was not a priority at the time.  Especially just starting college and just not being able to afford anything.   But by the time he became a sophomore in college he started to get the bug.  Lydell wanted to break out the mold and put some money into the Fusion and make it one of a kind.  For me, I had the Ford Escort and the only love I would get was on the forums.  I did not want to be one of a kind, I just wanted to be something with my Escort.  But all the wild things I wanted to do were way out of my budget.  I wasted money on colored bulbs, mufflers, and all kind of vinyl just to look the part.  I never really looked at the Escort as a handicap but just more of a challenge to get the same looks as the civics and integras would.  


Lydell’s sophomore year in college he got a job at Dreamworkz Motorsport and installed the lip kit from Street Scenes and got the car painted pearl metallic blue.  Shortly after the VIP MODULARS and coilovers came along while he stayed in North Carolina, before moving to Florida to finish school.  The first show Lydell ever attended was The Auto Combine in Florida, which is where I first saw the car.  The car caught my eye instantly with the Dubai Gold Vip Modulars.  A lot of time people decide to go with a not so popular platform they feel the need to not care as much or cheap out on important things.  If your gonna do it, do it right regardless of what it is.  Which is why I appreciated Lydell’s Fusion.  


My Ford Escort was nowhere near as nice as Lydell’s Fusion, but reading his story reminded me of not wanting to settle just because I had something different.  The challenge was fun, and forced me to learn and be creative.  That first car process of working with what you got and figuring it out on the way makes you appreciate the scene much more.  You have people that will not take the time to think out what they want to do to a car.  Or even bother trying something out of the box, just because no one else is doing it, and these same people will pretty much want a blueprint of how to build a car.  I have talked to people that will tell me what they want to do to their car, but are afraid of what “they” will think about it.  I can only imagine how many unique builds we missed out on because of that mentality.


The next summer Lydell was the first and only Fusion to be on a full Accuair suspension kit.  The first major show Lydell attended in the Fusion was SOWO, and it left a huge impression on him.    

“The first national show I attend was SOWO!, easily the best time of my life.  I went there knowing I didn’t have a German car but some how I was still able to make headlines about a custom fusion rolling around. It was all love and not a single ounce of hate. Which is the mean reason I love the car scene. It allows us to express our individual beliefs within our cars.  It’s had to leave the game because I made so many life long friends who I will never forget. But if it wasn’t for me modifying my ford and getting exposed to the scene my life would have been completely different and I so glad i did. There is not better joy for me than pulling up to a car show breaking necks with your boys. I love this game man and I ain’t leaving no time soon!”

I myself trace many great memories to the love of cars.

Unfortunately Lydell’s Fusion was wrecked shortly after we took these features, and is no more..

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