Treffen South 2016

We have had a really busy 2 weeks here in Atlanta, with the Streetdriven Tour 2 weeks ago, and the Gridlife South event the week after.  I had planned to spend Labor day weekend being lazy and catching up on photo editing.  But I caught wind of Treffen South by way of Facebook during the week.  I was not able to attend the show last year, and it had looked like a solid turnout.  

Treffen South is a 100% free event held by dedicated VW enthusiasts for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche vehicles only.  Being a new owner of a Volkswagen, I could not resist checking out the event.  The Volkswagen community has always been very dedicated to their brand.  All day I had conversations of the VWs they own, and the ones that their family members own.  The loyalty to the VW brand is like no other manufacturer.  

The weather was a breezy 85 degrees, and the mood was super chill.  The setup was small and perfect for the crowd.  The Treffen team handed out a few best of trophies, and finished off the evening with 4 parade laps around Atlanta Motor Speedway.  

I did not take many photos, I spent most of the afternoon observing and talking with old friends.  Be sure to check out and follow Treffen South, and keep an eye out for their next event.



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  • Dre Mori

    It was definitely a fun event. The mood was really chill. Good people and positive vibes. Thanks for the pic of my S5 (acid green brakes and mirrors). Any way I could get it? Thanks!