Vossen x Work Wheels | “The Collaboration”

Vossen has always been a supporter of Southrnfresh, and we have always been a fan of their products.  And their dedication to the automotive scene.  Check out the story behind their Work Wheels collaboration.

Vossen, founded by Jav Azadi in 2006, has quickly risen to international acclaim with its revolutionary design, elite engineering and marketing approach. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Vossen saw early success with the minimalistic, deep concave five-spoke CV3, followed by the directional CVT and VF Series with its advanced flow forming technology. In recent years, the establishment of the Vossen Forged Division and TÜV Verified factory has led to continued growth, expanding into the forged wheel market.

With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing wheels, WORK Wheels was founded by Takeshi Tanaka in 1977. Characterized by single, two, and three piece designs, the WORK Equip and Meister are benchmarks in the wheel industry, some utilizing WORK’s proprietary two-piece construction. Based in Osaka, Japan, WORK’s resources stretch across Japan, throughout several factories and offices, now led by Takeshi’s daughter, Chika Tanaka.

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