Gridlife South 2016 Coverage pt. 2

We were honored with the task of assisting the Gridlife team with the car showoff.  It was a whole new event, and the first time that anyone had wanted to have an actual show at Road Atlanta outside of the paddock.  So it was a trial and error with the whole setup.


At first we wanted to setup on the half paved lot a few yards down from the concert area.  But the idea was to keep everything centered, and not force people to search for the cars.  The issue with Road Atlanta is that outside of the paddock there really is not any paved areas.  So we were forced to utilize the grass area across from the stage.



 Grass parking is not ideal for a show, but it can work out.  The day started a little tricky with setting up all the cars around lumps in the lot, and a huge hill.  But we managed to get everyone situated.  Next year we will be re arranging the setup for the show, and making the whole process a little better.


Chris Niswonger’s S13


Matt Meadows Lexus LS pictured above

_dsc3488S13 Silvia made the trip all the way from Illinois.


Saturday was the big day for Gridlife South, most people were out of work, and had came early in the morning instead of late afternoon.  And I was able to break away from the show area after handing out awards and get some photos.


The paddock was packed full of race cars, tools, and tents.  Its incredible to see a grassroots event held at a legendary track like Road Atlanta.

Touge Spirit 86 and Camper all the way from Illinois.



Acura MDX built by Birmingham Manufacturing of Alabama.  



Devin Giles S2000 


Crude Engineering Datsun 510 


Savannah Little’s 350Z 


I caught the last few runs of the Saturday group on the back side of the track.  

_dsc3726 _dsc3751 _dsc3749 _dsc3735 _dsc3728 _dsc3905 _dsc3850 _dsc3872 _dsc3833 _dsc3778


Team Enjuku sliding the horseshoe


Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forseberg, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. being chased by the Hertz Mustang Chase car.  


Simba getting a solid run before sundown.  


A few of the drift cars lined up near the stage. 


Styles | Complete hit the stage first.  


Then it was STOOKI Sound from the UK.  


The main event was Waka FLocka fresh off the plane from a show New Jersey.  



Waka’s performance was insane.  Within 20 minutes he had already climbed the balcony up to the VIP stage to the right of the stage.  


Then spent about 15 minutes in the crowd.


This guy was  set on getting on the stage.  He had jumped the gate the first time, and got into the media area in front of the stage.  But the second time he was successful and made it to the actual stage.  Check out DJ WhooKid in the back pointing and laughing.. haha


Caught Greg Bucell in the moment..




Somehow Waka ended up with someones LED glasses..

_dsc4150 _dsc4321

The Gridlife South stop was Waka’s final stop from coming off the Warped Tour.  




Sunday was the final day for Gridlife South.  It was a chill day, so it gave us time to grab photos of anything we may have missed on the track.  The main event of the day was the Pro Drifters doing full course runs instead of just the front side and back side horseshoe.  


Forseberg doing a full course ride a long.  


Stevie of Risky Devil 


Dylan from Countersteer Motoring 

_dsc3634 _dsc3636 _dsc3610

Alex Schagel’s S13


Dustin Miles leading the pack


This made for triple digit sideways action on parts of Road Atlanta that were never drifted on outside of video games.  

_dsc4548 _dsc4576 _dsc4579

Thanks for looking, and excuse the late posts.  The photos just fell under the radar for so long.  But I had to get them posted before the end of the year.  Gridlife South may have been one of the best events I have attended in a long time.  I am almost scared to see how this event will be in 2017.  Hats off to the whole team that helped get this event here, and everyone that came out and supported.  The scene and Atlanta really needed this.  

Check out the whole gallery here:


Stay in touch at GRIDLIFE for their upcoming events in 2017.  

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