June 2013: Sergio’s M3

Throwback post that we posted from June 2013, while we were in Palm Beach for Formula D.

While in Palm Beach for Formula D, we were on the hunt to shoot some cars from Florida.  Seeing that most of the folks we ran into were not in town for the whole weekend, we did not get to shoot as many as we wanted to.  But we did catch up with Sergio from Miami, who is part of  State Of Stance, and rolls with the HighwaySTAR Garage crew.  After the Fatlace Showcase settled down and the sun was setting, Perri Minot did work on the M3 before Sergio had to head back.

While I was checking out the Fatlace Showcase, I dropped a card on Sergio’s window about shooting the car while we were in town and around 3-4pm he shot me a text.  I was in the middle of watching the drifting and Perri was the one with the good gear and skill to do a quality shoot of the car.  After being denied by the officials at the gate to let Perri drive in his equipment instead of carrying the heavy lights/strobes across the parking lot and setup something within the track grounds,  we found a spot on the outskirts of the track that used to be a old 1/4 mile track.  It was pretty cool especially since the staging lights and grandstands were still there, leading me to imagine the history and good times that went down here years ago.  Sergio was preparing to head back to Miami, so we did not get a chance to fully exploit the whole area and we were trying to utilize the awesome light of the sunset.  We missed the opening ceremony of the Top 16, but it was well worth it. These photos are on my favorite list, Perri captured the car very well!

When I first started to talk to Sergio, he mentioned that he does a  lot of the social media for State Of Stance.  I was instantly curious why we have not seen the car on the site yet, but he responded with a similar response that I give about my own vehicle.  It’s just no fun in featuring your own vehicle on a site you a part of, just seems like a dick move…lol.  

Sergio used to own a car that we all have seen before at least once on the internet somewhere, his Audi A4 ( Canibeat: Red & White A4), which he sold to a friend of his also in HighwaySTAR Garage (photo of A4 now).  He mentioned that the A4 was all over the internet at one point, and he himself got tired of seeing it sometimes.  So that is what put him into the M3, which was a pretty popular car at SOWO at the Rotiform booth.

A few folks mentioned in the Showcase photos that slamming a E46 M3 ruins it, and Sergio agrees somewhat with the purists.  He mentioned how he kind of misses the feel of the car before it rode low, and how he could not truly enjoy the Mountain roads in Helen, GA for SOWO.  So maybe a change of direction maybe in store for the M3.   

The car is lowered on KW Suspension. Up front the Rotiform LHR are 18×10 +15.  I think this photo would make a killer Hankook Ventus Ad.

Out back 18×11.5 +4

Some aesthetic add-on pieces: the CSL trunk and rear diffuser.

 Imola Red along with the red interior was gorgeous, and from what I was told it’s a hard combo to find since most M3 colors are put together by the buyer from the dealer.

That is all we got of Sergio’s M3. We would have loved to exploit the location more and get more shots, but we were pressed for time.  And I am sure this wont be the only feature the car gets in the future, but we enjoy being able to shed some light onto what’s dope in the South. 🙂


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