Slammedenuff Atlanta 2017 Coverage

Over the last 2 years Slammedenuff has hit the road with their self titled show.  We have seen Slammedenuff grow and gain their popularity by doing what they do best.  They have managed to stay consistent and continue showcasing any and everything low.


I feel old saying this, but the younger generation does things very different from how my peers did it.  But its not all bad, things change and trends come and go.  But someone has to take the torch and keep the automotive culture fresh and new.



  Nowadays everyone is a critique and is quick to judge and talk down about someone else’s vehicle.  If its not low enough its wack, if its too high its boring.  Some people believe that every aspect of your vehicle has to be somewhat functional.  Not everyone wants to go fast, not everyone wants to make 1000hp, it is what it is.





The only way to truly enjoy the automotive culture to accept the scene for what it is.  The nature of the culture is geared to the young and influential.  The days of the 100 page build thread is over.  Its all about the quick build, shoot, and sell.  Buy a new car, bag it, get photos, sell the wheels and repeat.  Its the side effects of being in a fast pace world fueled by the internet.  Slammedenuff does a great job capturing the young influential audience.  Some people hate it, but I am a person that sees things different and can enjoy any and everything.



Slammedenuff Atlanta held their event this year at the Georgia World Congress Center right in the heart of Atlanta.  The only other automotive event held there is the International Auto Show.  So I was excited to see how the place holds up to this sort of event.  I have to give the Slammedenuff crew credit for being very organized and getting the vendors in and loaded up prior to letting in the show cars without any hiccups in the process.

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Once the doors opened for general admission , the place filled up in a few minutes.  Its been a long time since someone from outside the state has came and hosted a solid event in Atlanta.




It goes back to what I said in our Riverside Chattanooga 2017 coverage about taking the time and investing in your events before you take your show on the road to other cities.


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Slammedenuff spent years in their hometown hosting events before hitting the road.  But even before that, they made a solid effort to go to all the events and make themselves known.  So when they started setting dates for other cities the people responded.







Often at indoor shows the crowds and show contestants get bored easily.  Slammedenuff does a good job keeping people busy and having activities for the attendees throughout the show.  In this photo you are looking at the beer pong champions of the day.  Dustin and John took home an award for the beer pong competition.  The funniest part about this is neither one of them drove.  Being able to not drive to a car show and leave with an award is something worth bragging about.

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One of my favorite cars of the day was this civic coupe. I was looking at the car, when the owner came up and told me that the car only has 19k original miles on it.


Seeing the old school Vortech Supercharger kit on the B-Series took me way back.  The owner was real specific with the details.  He pointed out a few things he wanted to fix, but the car was in immaculate condition and was one of the cleanest coupes I have seen.  One of his biggest issues he said was the decal on the power cooler.  He said he can not buy a new one from Vortech, without paying them to do a rebuild on the entire assembly.

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The car took home best of at the most recent Honda Day.  I really hate that I did not remember the owners name.  I have been trying to get in touch with him since the event.

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This white Civic coupe is owned by the gentlemen’s son that owned the blue coupe above.




Some of the cars spilled over into the entrance of the convention center.  I drive by this building so much, it was really cool to see the cars displayed outside like this in the middle of the city.

Once again, hats off to the Slammedenuff team for hosting a great event in Atlanta.  We hope to see them back in 2018.  If you are not familiar with Slammedenuff check out their site and go check out their next event.



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