Gridlife South 2017 Paddock and Show

One of the best events being held in Georgia has returned again for the second year.  There were a good bit of changes to make the event run much better.  The biggest and most noticeable change was the stage being moved to a larger field , and the main bridge / walkway being used for the showoff.  And the camping area was also extended over closer to the vendors and concert stage.  The changes made everything accessible and it made everything flow as you walked around.  

Gridlife is often called Forza Horizon in real life, but its more then that.  It is the event that we all have wanted to go to.  You bring together all types of automotive pleasure and put into one event.  The Time Attack guys give the drifters rides, and professional drivers are thrashing luxury cars around the track to help the media guys capture the best footage.  It brings everything we love together and removes all the restrictions found in the big name major events.  There are no autograph sessions, everyone is brought down to their roots and put back in a place were everything is fun.

Photos By: Justin Black / Joseph Dale

We start with a few photos of the cars in the vendor village.



Thomas Nguyen Twin Turbo widebody Nissan 370Z


Taylor Hull’s Pro Formula D S14


Sonny’s Voltex  Mitsubishi Evo

_BLK6267 Bagged  MK4 Golf GTI

Another Rocket Bunny widebody 370z  on Neo Chrome AG F452 Wheels

_BLK6263 _BLK6259

George’s Supercharged Mustang GT

_BLK6256 A third Widebody 370Z


Moses Awad’s 1200hp Carbon Fiber 370Z


We had all 5 of the Heat Lightning cars in our booth for the weekend.  I am these guys biggest fans, they build cars how they want them.  And take the initiative to just do it and learn on the way.  From the swaps to the paint all these guys put in the time and put these cars together by themselves as a team.  And have been for years, and I have always admired them for taking the coolest cars and making them special.  Pictured above is Johnny’s 2JZ powered LS400


Darrin Ford’s IS300


Mitch’s Lexus GS300


Preston’s Lexus IS300 and Joseph’s Cresside


Mitch giving a tour of his GS300…

Right across from the Vendor Village was the Slammedenuff / Street Circle Showoff


Nismo 370Z on bronze Volk



Nissan 180Sx on Nismo LMGT4 wheels


Eddie’s Audi TT


Civici EG on Volks took home top 20


Brandon Smith’s Jetta MK5


Clayton Best’s Jetta GLI on WCI wheels


Alex P’s Mazda Protege



Will Bofil’s Golf




This Mustang took home best of show, it sounded like a top fuel dragster when it pulled in.  Spotless inside and out.


_BLK6340 _BLK6339

Ryan Coffel’s widebody Lexus LS400

_BLK6338 _BLK6337 _BLK6336 _BLK6335

Jr’s widebody G35 Coupe


Doug’s E92 M3



_BLK6294 _BLK6293 _BLK6292 _BLK6291


_BLK6278 _BLK6277

Justin’s E36 Coupe 

I liked the showoff being on the main walkway bridge instead of in the grass.  Next year Road Atlanta will have a second asphalt lot up top.  And Gridlife maybe hosting the showoff there instead, the new asphalt is a little off to the side of all the main attractions, so it may go unseen if it moves to far.  My vote is to stay on the walkway. 

Next set of photos are from the paddock.  

The Gridlife paddock is like no other event.  You have some of the best drivers and drifters mingled in with the amateurs and first timers all in one place.  Its the ultimate fan experience, the competive aspect still lingers in the air with the Time Attack group, but you can tell the goal of Gridlife to these guys is just to come out and get some seat time and enjoy the weekend.  


Modern Performance SRT-4 

_BLK6796 _BLK6794

David (thatdudeinblue) 2JZ powered S13 


Bryson Richardson’s Civic Eg 

_BLK6776 _BLK6787 _BLK6784 _BLK6780 _BLK6779

Raver Motorsports LSX powered Superlight Racecar 



Forged Performance’s lineup for the weekend


Alex Gallardo’s LS powered 350z 


17 Nismo GTR from Forged Performance 

_BLK6756 _BLK6760 _BLK6762

Rarely seen outside of a video game.  The Bertone X19, was out trashing on Road Atlanta all weekend.  

_BLK6753 _BLK6755 _BLK6748 _BLK6747 _BLK6745 _BLK6744 _BLK6743

Mike Dusold’s Camaro was one of the most impressive cars at Gridlife, making 1100+ hp.  The car is a masterpiece designed to mimic a fighter plane.  Check out his feature for Super Chevy magazine earlier this year. 

_BLK6740 _BLK6739

Topspeed Motorsports widebody Alpha 9 GTR 


Viper ACR out with Topspeed Motorsports 



roup of BRZ / FRS from the midwest.   


Daniel Gestewitz’ making adjustments on his S2000. 


Brock from Track Hero’s S2000 

_BLK6724 _BLK6725 _BLK6731

One of my favorite Atlanta built cars.  I remember when the original owner Justin Stringer was building this Corolla.  Extremely happy to see the car out and being driven like it should by the new owner.  

_BLK6723 _BLK6720


_BLK6695 _BLK6693


United Speed Racing Civic Type R 

_BLK6683 _BLK6681 _BLK6669 _BLK6667

Kendall Samuel of Mechanical Advantage in their widebody Subaru Impreza  


Enjuku Racing S13 convertible 


Top Garage 

_BLK6664 _BLK6663 _BLK6662

Dustin Miles of Garage Moon Power S13 

_BLK6660 _BLK6658


_BLK6634 _BLK6633

Sebastian of Garage Moon Power Skyline R33 Sedan 



Josh Foran and the crew from the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama brought out their arsenal of Vans and SUVs to show the race cars how its done.  If you have not heard of them, and their story check out their feature: Honda Manufacturing of Alabama Odyssey 



Alec Robbins LS powered 350z from Koruworks 


_BLK6618 _BLK6615 _BLK6614 _BLK6613

Team Falken Tire back in action.. 


Chris Forsberg’s Infiniti M45 back with a new look

_BLK6595Ryan Tuerck’s 2J powered Scion FRS 

_BLK6588 _BLK6587

Carbon Fiber widebodied RTR Mustang.  

_BLK6586 _BLK6584 _BLK6583

Vaughn Gitten’s stable of crazy Mustangs.  

That is all from part one, more to come..


Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover