Carlos’ Kia Forte Koup

We’ve been itching to get out and shoot a car in Atlanta for a while.  So we reached out to Carlos to see if he would be interested in bringing out the Forte for some photos.  The car has received a lot of love online for the most part.  But with anything there is always an opposite side to that. Some aren’t fond of it being that it’s a Kia which seems kind of silly.  Carlos’ mod list is not long, but the progress he has made with the car so far is going very well.

One main reason why Carlos’ car grabbed our attention is because he is a guy that beats to his own drum and not because that is the cool thing to do, but because he likes what he likes.  Carlos owned another not so popular car before the Forte, a Suzuki Aerio, and he  worked with what he had for a while before moving on to the Forte.  I can relate to Carlos’ creativeness because I have never truly owned a vehicle with any kind of support, besides the Rx7, and I was just stuck because it was the first time I had a vehicle with so many options.  I get annoyed when people feel the need to do ordinary stuff to a car to make it “fit in.”

Gladly Carlos has taken the low and slow approach with his car and chosen not to add anything to the car that make it scream for attention.  However, he has raised the bar with the Forte crowd s far as fitment goes with his staggered setup of 17×9 and 17×10 Work Ryver Touring wheels.   The debate about staggered wheels on a FWD car is invalid when you are aiming at proper fitment on a car with a wide rear quarter panel.  As mentioned before, this was more of a photo session in the city starring an attractive car.  We will stay up to date with Carlos and his build so stay tuned.

Photos By: Jon Davis & Kent Foster

Surprisingly, the car holds a 10 inch wheel very well in the rear considering the car has a rear torsion beam suspension setup.  Just adding camber to the rear is not a option.  He is considering adding camber shims to tuck the rears more and go lower.

17×9/17×10 Work Ryver Touring

Cerato badges are from the KDM version of the Forte.  And also the Sequence rear spoiler.

Carlos added fog lights from the SX trim and also a Seibon carbon fiber hood.  

The fog lights come through the camera lens green for some reason.

Little known fact, this is a very busy street.  That explains the frantic look on Carlos’ face as he parks in the middle of it for a quick shot!

And the last photo, this was Jon’s first attempt at a cinemagraph, and it turned out pretty dope.  Hopefully we can play with it more now.   Thanks for looking!