Formula D | Evergreen Speedway Day 1

Wrapping up a weekend a long way from home in Washington state, enjoying Formula D.  As I get ready to head back to Atlanta check out a few photos from qualifying on Friday afternoon.  There will be much more to come within the week as I get back home!


Darren McNamara has returned to FD driving the Falken Tire S15. The 6.2L V8 is pushing a little over 400hp and is a little less than what D-Mac may be used to, but RHD is definitely something he is more comfortable with.

Saito suffered more problems as he tapped the wall and bent control arms and tie rods.

Trying to finish Saito’s car for practice

Saito says “hey i can tune too!” 

Trying times call for this stressed out face.

Dai Yoshihara was given a 0 on his first run and was in danger of not qualifying for Top 32. He secured his spot on the second run thankfully.

Pat Goodin couldn’t keep that rear up! Saggin pants!

Chelsea DeNofa gave Ovcharik a little love tap spinning them both out.

Thanks for looking, and keep checking back for much more Formula D Round 5 coverage!