Mitsubishi Appreciation Day 2012 hosted by: Sportmap ECU

Evo Atlanta invited us out to their Mitsubishi Dyno Day at Sportmap ECU last weekend.  It was truly a pleasure to be asked to come out and take some photos for a event, it shows that people are paying attention to what we do.  And that all the time we spend on the computer does not gone to waste.   Most of the Evo crowd are grown up DSM guys that moved on to the Evo once it came stateside.   i think there was only 1 non EVO mitsubishi in attendance and it was the “GASTROKER” drag car.  Was really hoping to see more other Mitsubishi’s come out.  But I was not disappointed with the ones that came out for the afternoon.  

I took quite a bit of photos, most of them will be on the forum , and the rest will be in my flickr, but I will post some of the photos here.


Goldcrest Motorsports Evo 8

Evo X on CCWS

Topspeed Motorsports brought out “GASTROKER” it makes 1021 All Wheel Horsepower and is good for 8 sec 1/4 mile.  Check our more here.

Dan Chi’s Evo 9

First time, I have been to a Dyno with All you can eat Brazilian BBQ!  

Nationwide Insurance, Competition Clutch , AMSOIL gave out prizes.   This guy scored a Clutch Set.

Dan Chi and his trophy!

Kevin was awarded Mitsubishi of the year, and is very well deserved.  One of the baddest all around Evos!  Too bad the trophy is taller than him!

Trophy made a nice addition to the Evo as well.  

Evo 8 & 9 on Enkei RPF-1’s 

Sportmap Ecu’s C Class race cars

Thats the last of the ones that will be posted on the site, the rest will be posted up HERE! 

Thanks for looking!