Assaultech Performance’s 664hp G35 Sedan

Finally back with some fresh content for you all, and it is from a guest contributor and friend Chad Burdette.  Along with being a photographer, he also works at Forged Motorsports as his daily grind.  Being at forged he always gets chances to shoot some nice cars.  Chad hit me up and said he wanted to share this one with our viewers.  

The G35 Sedan started as a showcase car for Assaultech, but it quickly escalated to a whole new level.  With any build it always starts off as a simple plan of making it slightly better and just enjoy it.  As we all know that never is there is never a point were modding stops, there is always that one thing left to do.  




Assaultech is located in Pelham, Alabama, and a big part of their customer base is G and Z cars.  But they specialize in everything from Off Road vehicles to your D16 build in your civic.  If you are in that area be sure to check them out, there are not many authorized dealers that can get you quality name brand parts in this region.

Being a dealer for all these part manufactures gives you access to all sorts of goodies.  So Todd Diffee owner of Assaultech, wanted to build something that would help showcase the shop.  The car was sent to Forged Performance for the build and it initially started with a Vortech Supercharger setup that made around 444hp.  After a year or so Todd got over the 444hp, and wanted to step it up, and go for bigger numbers.

Todd aimed to beat the record for a vQ35 Sedan which at the time was 651hp.  The car went back to Forged Performance again for a full motor build that started with the Forged Performance Shortblock  to get it reinforced for the high power goal.  The Greddy twin turbo kit was added along with a host of supporting mods all listed here, and Todd was able to get 664hp / 649lb-ft tq out of the Vq.

Most cars that make this much power are either show car/dyno queens or are all out drag cars that have no chance of being driven on a street.  But this build still lets the G35 sedan be the luxury sport sedan it was designed to be.  The Volk GT-V wheels may not be everyone’s favorite or the most popular, but it seems very fitting for the car lightweight and has the bling appeal to match the luxury side of the G35.

.  We are starting to see sedans coming back in style, and also the emphasis on performance along with clean and proper styling is starting to be the standard. Of course this type of build does not happen overnight, Todd has spent about 2 years getting the G35 how he wanted it and it still continued.  Shortly after the pictures were taken Todd added a pair of STATUS black leather seats, SPARCO steering wheel, carbon fiber splitter, and a new set of wheels.

 That’s about all we have of the G35 sedan, thanks for reading.  Would like to thank Chad Burdette for the photos, and Assaultech for keeping the southeast supplied with all the aftermarket goodies, every part on this car is sold by Assaultech, so check them out if you are looking for parts.


For your viewing pleasure…