Aftermath Acura

This one of a kind sleek RL, has been through it all.    New Orleans native Kurt took his honda love, and decided to go a different route with his passion.  When a car makes it through something so devastating as Hurricane Katrina its meant to be.  It started its life as a 1996 Rl, bu
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Gabe's Fantastic Accord

Gabe’s Mugen fitted, fresh painted CD7 is a site to see for the accord lover.   Starts with the classic white paint.  And is put together with legit Mugen extras from front to back.  Also the strikingly blingin ccw classics sittin just right under the fenders.  A bit of go from
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AWD Turbo Mercury Tracer

Ive always been an all around car lover.  But i am truly at heart a Mazda lover, but why the mercury tracer you ask?  The Mercury Tracer LTS was a direct clone of the 1st generation Mazda Protege LX, with a Ford Escort like shell, along with the Ford Escort LX-E.  Like most of the for
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Super Dope Coupe

Crystal clear pics, and a super clean civic.  its hard to stand out with a honda these days.  But this coupe does it very well.   A+ photography doesnt hurt either… Check out:  www.cameronflaischphotography.com
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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog,  Im starting this blog to give some light to the southern automotive scene/lifestyle.  We do it better than anyone else….
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