Formula D v.2 : Global Time Attack

We are still gathering up the photos from the drifting from this weekends Formula D at Road Atlanta.  So we are gonna share the photos from the Global Time Attack event Friday and Saturday.  We had a lot of personal friends and locals running in the event so we were sure to show them some love as well.  Some of the photos we will be showing are from a local photographer who attends almost all of the events at Road Atlanta Tim Easterday, included with our photos from  Jon Davis, and Corbin Watson.

For me I was excited to check out the Time Attack event, but  I was limited with my lenses so I was not able to catch as many cars on track as I would have liked to.  But the day got a little crazy Saturday when the clouds sprinkled on Road Atlanta during a run and than it was black flag after black flag.  All of the drivers that went off track got away with out any injuries, it was just crazy to see the cars come back in the pits one after one with damage after the track got about 5 minutes of rain.  A lot of the drivers had never ran on Road Atlanta before and had a lot of respect of it after the weekend.

Tanaka was one of the best sounding cars out there, but it was one of the ones that fell victim to the wet conditions.

And that is how it came back to the pits, from what I over heard Mr. Tanaka lost it on turn 2 and went into the wall.  I over heard the driver say, ” i hit the brakes and it just went”  

The car came in looking bad, but within 10 minutes the team huddled around it, and went to work and removed the fiberglass front end.  And once you saw the extent of the damage it was not as bad as some of the others.  Overall they placed 2nd Limited RWD

Soho Motorsports to me got it the worst for the weekend, or at least it looked pretty bad.  But the team seem to be in good spirits about it now that it has passed over, and the rebuild process has began.

This video of the accident after Turn 7 @4:20.  Words from Kevin Parlett himself about the wreck “I think i was going to fast and i accelerated too soon and it broke loose in a different way then it did all day. Rain started at the exact same time but I don’t know if that was it or not so I’m blaming a heavy foot and high air pressures. I shouldn’t have pushed it that hard there”

Its tough to see a car get wrecked, especially one of the smaller teams take a hard hit like this, hopefully the car is not too far gone, and can be repaired back.  Check out SOHO Motorsports homepage, and support them so they can get this thing back on the road!  Overall the G35 placed 2nd Unlimited RWD.

Austin Cabot in the Deft Motion S2000 took some damage also, but managed to take home 1st place in the Street RWD class.

Zen Motors IS300 

Buy Brakes CRX placed 4th Limited FWD

Professional Awesome Evo 1st Street AWD

Wired Race Team S2000 placed 2nd Street RWD

Battleground Motorsports Evo placed 3rd Street AWD

iTrack Motorsports Miata placed 3rd Street RWD

Modern Performance SRT-4 placed 1st Street FWD

2J-Racing Sentra placed 1st Limited FWD

Reid Speed/Fortune Auto Honda Civic placed 3rd Limited FWD 

Spec Clutch 240sx placed 1st Limited RWD

Rado had a little meeting with the wall also, but still managed to come out overall 1st Unlimited FWD 

Pure Tuning Honda Civic DX placed 2nd Unlimited FWD

Element Tuning Subaru STI placed 3rd Unlimited AWD

AMI Racing Porsche GT3 placed 1st Unlimited RWD.

That is all for our Time Attack photos, hopefully we can get the Formula D action shots up by the end of the weekend.