Formula Drift Rd. 6: After Dark Las Vegas v.1

Well its been almost a year since I have been back at the speedway and I knew I was at the right place once I heard motors revving, tires screeching, and the intense scent of burnt rubber in the surrounding tire smoke filled air. It was great seeing all the teams and drivers working on their cars, talking with faces new and old, and the vendors handing out free goods to the fans as Formula Drift is back in town.
 Even though this has only been my third year attending it will not be my last! As I was given the awesome opportunity to shoot as media, I met up with fellow Southrnfresh photographer Perri Minot where he had helped me with getting situated and briefed at the media booth. As soon as I got my credential’s it was time to explore how this years event will be set up as it was totally different to prior years. I felt like I did much more walking this year though, and what made it even worse was the 100+ degree weather Las Vegas has even in the evening! After living here for 7 years I still am not used to the heat! 
The heat still didn’t stop me from watching Ken Gushi and Conrad Grunewald battling it out though, & Rhys Millen did pretty well Saturday night too, Since he got first place putting Aasbo at second place and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in third for that evening. The standings as of Round 6 put Vaughn Gittin Jr. in first with 473 points, Daigo Saito at 447.55, and Rhys Millen in third place with 428, Well have to see at RD. 7 who will be Victorious for the 2012 season!
 All in all Formula drift is just a great experience that I hope everybody can enjoy at least once in their lifetime. The sound of the shear power these cars have and their speed during entries and while sideways is just overwhelming. Pictures and video’s aren’t able to give you the full experience but can give you a pretty good idea on what goes on at these events. before I let you go I would just like to say thank you to Southrnfresh for giving me this opportunity, and FormulaD for always putting on such awesome events! Just warning you guys too that this is my first time shooting drifting and I was using some new to me equipment that I wasn’t fully used to yet, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyways!

That is all  of the first part of our Round 6 coverage, plenty more to come!

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