I.S.O. Invades Atlanta

When Southrnfresh first started, we thrived off of the car clubs in the South.  Most of them are still around today, but some have grown and expanded outside of their local regions over time.  ISO was one of those groups who we have always connected with.  If the name ISO is new to you, it means Insane Stance & Offset , the name is obvious what they are all about.  But its not just a group of guys with low and slow slammed cars with just wheels and pulled fenders that hang out in a parking lot, its a committed family like organization.

ISO is originally out of North Carolina.  You may recognize some of their cars like  this G35 owned by Steve Nguyen, and this GS300 owned by  Zeb Magesi.  Within the last year they have spread out to Atlanta.  There are not too many legit car clubs in Atlanta,  so their presence is truly welcome.  The big car clubs from Atlanta’s past were the ones that motivated me to go harder with my own vehicle.  You would know when you saw one of their cars pull up to a event followed by the other members and you knew what to expect from all of them.


We had been planning this photoshoot session with ISO for a few weeks, but its really hard to get everyone together for something like this.  But it was a special day for ISO, they were welcoming their newest member to the group Carlos.  You may remember the feature of Carlos’s Forte from a few weeks ago.

Carlos’s Forte has gotten slightly better since last time, the rear wheels have been dialed in just right with the help of shims.  One of the things that people mentioned in the comments about Carlos’s car was the rear wheels poking, but it has been taken care of as you can see.  The next steps for the Forte will be some body work from all the pull and tuck to get the 11″ wide wheels stuffed back there.

Pat’s M45 is on its way to be a top notch VIP build.

The Y34 is a chassis that some people hate or they love.  I personally love the Y34, because of its boxy shape, and its distinctive look it has which makes it stand out from any of the sedans from its generation.

The car is on coilovers now, and Pat is working on air suspension for the car.

One of his most recent mods is the G35 Brembo brakes which will be upgraded again shortly.

A better shot of the JDM president taillights from this angle.

We will follow Pat’s build closely as he progresses!

Mike and his G35 is another newer member, just being brought into the family a few weeks ago.

Mike’s G35 sits on a discontinued set of 20″ Work Meister S1’s.

The car is static and sits very flush and nearly on the fender, but it is not a low and slow type of car.  Mike’s G35 is a 6 speed so there are times were the VQ35 gets a little workout.  The pull on the rear fenders was done very well.

Mike’s G35 is relatively subtle as of now, but Mike has promised me it will be a lot different in the near future.

Mike is also the owner of Xenon Lights of Atlanta, so this shot of his “selfmade” decal seemed appropriate.  I always enjoy to see people I associate myself with make a name for themselves by hard work!

We will be keeping up with Mike’s build as it progresses!

Most of the credit for ISO invading Atlanta goes to Larry, owner of one of Atlanta’s top notch VIP builds.  One of the first photoshoots on Southrnfresh and my first official photoshoot was done with Larry’s Q45 (here) 2 years ago.  


If you clicked the link and saw what Larry’s Q45 looked like 2 years ago you can see that a lot has changed.  Something that I like to express to people constantly is that with these quality builds it takes time and dedication to get to this level.

Since the first day I met Larry he has been a guy that has always had a plan with this build.  Everything that he has said he was gonna do, it’s been done.  Whether it took a month or it took 8 months, progress was made and it has evolved to what it is today.

Anyone that knows Larry can attest to his passionate motivation that he gives to his peers.  Southrnfresh is powered by this type of motivation, which is why I always feel its our obligation to bring certain cars to our viewers.  Not for content, but because I know that no other site or magazine can do people like Larry justice.

Larry’s push for perfection out of his peers lead to him linking up with Steve Nguyen in North Carolina, and shortly after the seed was planted in Atlanta for Larry to be that guy to start ISO’s  Atlanta chapter.  

Personally, this is something that Larry is the perfect guy for.  He’s the type of person that will tell you the honest truth and offer constructive criticism in the same sentence.  There are plenty of people that will tell you their opinion but majority of those people do not want what’s best for you.  

Last year you may have seen Larry’s Q out at our events with his old set of AME wheels.  The y33 chassis is a very popular VIP chassis as many of you now, so one thing that Larry tried to do, was to get a wheel not seen on a Y33.  The wheel of choice was a 20 inch Work Ginosis, that I think look great on the car.  

There was no need for me to describe how nice Larry’s car is, because it speaks for itself.  I felt it was my duty to  expose the guy behind the build, and how ISO has landed in Atlanta.  Larry has been one of the people who has motivated me to keep Southrnfresh the way it is, and to be sure that Atlanta has a voice.

That is all of our ISO photo session. There will be more of these cars in the near future as they progress.  Be on the lookout for these rides at our events and be sure to check out their event coming up this fall FITMENT FESTIVAL in CHARLOTTE, NC.  ISO will also be out in full force at next weekends IMPORT ALLIANCE SUMMER MEET.