KJ’S Phantom Blue S2000

Well KJ’s S2k is fresh out of the paint booth at Miracle Glow, so Jon and Kent got to it quick to snap some fresh photos of stage 2 of KJ’s car!  First thing KJ took care of was the paint, he decided to go through the Mazda color catalog and get it sprayed Phantom Blue a color found on the Mazda 5, and 3 in the sunlight it appears a deep green.  But out of the sun its a deep blue, it is one of Mazda’s best new colors.  KJ originally had a plan to keep with the Work Meisters, but after finally being able to order a set of CCWs he jumped on the chance to get a set!  He went the LM20 in a  18×10 18×11.5  with a 245/35 up front  and 285/30 out back.  KJ’s next update will be a hardtop for the winter, so stay tuned for updates!

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