Lou’s LS400

It has been a good while since Jon took pictures of anything, so we got up with Lou and his LS400 and got a few photos of his new wheel setup.  The car does not have much of a mod list just wheels ,coilovers, and a paint job.  Lou just got the Work VS-XX  wheels a few weeks before we took the photos.  The VIP crowd in Atlanta is pretty small so we had to share Lou’s car with you all.

Lou is a well known guy in the Atlanta scene, last year we took some photos of his turbo EK hatch (seen here).  Lou has since moved on to a VIP platform with his UCF20 (94-00 LS400), which is becoming a popular platform because of the aging  UCF10(90-94 LS400).  The wheel choice is pretty uncommon for a VIP styled car, but it seems to work very well.    The Work VS-XX are a 19×10 – 19×12 all stuffed under a stock body on megan coilovers.  Lou is considering another color change, and looking to keep it pretty simple with the rest of the build.  We will be updating this car as it progresses! Enjoy.



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