Change your cover photo and win…

We are giving away free merchandise to randomly selected viewers that change their cover photo on their Facebook profile page to the picture below.  SOUTHRNFRESH 4  is shaping up to be the best one yet.  And we know that you guys are the only ones that can make it even better. How to

SOUTHRNFRESH 4 – July 20th 2014

We are back with our annual event SOUTHRNFRESH 4. It will be held again at Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta, GA. The event is not created to be a car show, but a birthday celebration for us and our fans for another good year. We are still learning how to be completely organized with thi

Wallpaper: Bear in a GT-R

Check out this wallpaper from ChadBee Photography and B3aR Dellinger. This shot gives you a sneak peak of the smooth, curvy, soft, and tasteful work of JPM Coachworks upholstery work.  Be sure to check out these guys, they are all local Georgia residents doing good things! Enjoy &

Import Alliance Spring 2014 Coverage

  Photos by: Cory Mader & Joseph Dale There were a few change to Import Alliance spring this year.  The location stayed the same, but it was moved inside of the actual speedway instead of the outer parking lot.  I think it was a great decision.  It gave the staff more control of t

Video: Import Alliance Spring Meet 2014 Hampton, GA

Import Alliance held their annual spring meet at Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 29th and 30th. As usual, tons of car enthusiasts showed up from various states to show off what they’ve been working on over the winter months. Here we have a video of the event, filmed by our very

Water by the Bridge 2014

The 5th annual Water by the Bridge event, sponsored by local shop Grossman Tuning, took place at the scenic waterfront park in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on March 22, 2014. Water by the Bridge, traditionally a show based around Audis and VWs, has grown substantially in the past fe

PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying 86 [Documentary]

I saw the trailer to this video almost a year ago, and it looked really interesting then.  So Flying Boy Films finally released the full version of their documentary on Taka Aono and his Flying 86.  Me personally am a new follower of the drifting scene.  But I too have noticed the cha

Duhawks Underground Racing 2r 1800+whp Lambo at TX2k14

Atlanta Enthusiast DuHawks took his freshly built twin turbo Lamborghini out  to Houston for TX2k14. This monstrosity cranks out over 1800 whp on racegas thanks to Underground Racing and took on all challengers in the streets. The result was a flawless victory against the countries fa

TX2K14: Day Two

Day two was different. When we were driving up to Hennessey, we were expecting a huge line like last year, but to our surprise, there was only about 4 cars in line. Not to mention this was at around 11am. Once we parked and got our gear ready, we started to walk around and check out t

TX2K14: Day One

We are going to try to bring daily updates of TX2k14 to you as we attend this huge event.  So we will be having late night quick posts to keep you entertained on what is going down in Texas.  These posts will lead up to our complete coverage of the event.  We will also be posting on o

BoostJunkie: Stephen’s Single Turbo Supra

It is obvious to understand why people love Supra’s so much. They look aggressive, they come with a twin turbocharged 3.0L inline six cylinder with the strength of an M1 Abrams, and they have an endless amount of aftermarket support to make your Supra, your Supra. I fell in love


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The Quest for 10.2: Anthony’s Drag IS300

World’s fastest street IS300 is a title held by Swift Racing Technologies. The record is 10.22 @144.38 mph. Our good friend Anthony has been building his car to reach 10.2 and be the fastest street IS300. His quest started after he blew the motor on his Subaru WRX STi. He decide

Phil Sohn’s Mazda Rx7

We finally return with another feature for you guys.  This time the photos were not done by any of our direct photographers.  Due to location and scheduling we had the pleasure of having the photos taken by Taylor Wellborn and Richard Benson out of Birmingham, Alabama. Back when I fir

The build of Danny Irvine’s 20B Miata..

Every week there are cars that pop up on my facebook news feed that everyone shares and seems to love.  Well me being the Mazda lover, this Miata caught my attention.  I dug and followed the links back to the shop and the ended up finding the build thread on ,  The car

First Time at the Track: Drivers Edge with Anthony Do

What do you do when you get tired of entering your trophy collecting boosted FRS into car shows? You redo the layout of the car and enter it in Drivers Edge. Well that might not be everyones plan but that is what Anthony had planned on doing over the weekend of Jan. 25th. As his frien

Terrorizing the Streets: Joe’s High Horsepower RSX-S

Being in the presence of an RSX Type S that sounds like Death coming for you is awe inspiring. Especially if you used to own an RSX Type S yourself. First time I laid eyes upon Joe’s high horsepower RSX was three years ago in the parking lot of Import Reactor. Suprising to me he

Texas Speed Syndicate: Quick 30 High Horsepower Drag Day

Is street racing worth the risk? Is it worth risking having your license suspended, going to jail, having your car impounded, or your life? Texas Speed Syndicate was started so Amar (the founder of TSS) could race without running the risk of losing his ability to practice law. To him

Rebirth of a Yellow 1997 Supra

Last week for our fan car friday, Keylan Smith emailed us photos of before and after of his MK4 Supra rebuild.  The photos were so brutal to look at, no one really believed that it was the same car.  We emailed Keylan and got a link to the complete build on the Supra Forums (click her

2014 Atlanta Snow Day…

Alright so apparently we have a big problem in Atlanta.  This white stuff they call snow, comes here and visits us every few years.  Every year we get a nice sprinkle or a light dusting.  But sometimes we get some solid accumulation and it takes a toll on us and our already crazy traf