Quick Shots: Clay’s R32

Submitted via our Southrnfresh Flickr Group Photo by: Meaty Flush

Quick Shots: Tony Kirksey’s Acura TL

Tony Kirksey’s Acura TL, photos taken in south Georgia.  submit quick shot photos:

SF Build: Perri Minot’s S14

Way before picking up a camera and joining the SouthrnFresh team, I had picked up a car that in my opinion, was nowhere near feature worthy. Considering the quality of builds that we aim to bring you readers, I felt there was a lot of work needed before it as time to do a proper featu

Quick Shots: VW Jetta

It is the season of the red, yellow and orange trees.  Garret Church took advantage of the fall backdrop for a few photos of this Volkswagen Jetta. See more at: GRCEXPOSURES Submit your photos in Southrnfresh Flickr group 

Import Showdown October 25th Video

For your viewing pleasure, some of the runs from Import Showdown held at Silver Dollar Raceway this past weekend.   If you like racing, and fast cars get a look at my Youtube chanel

Quick Shots: Nissan Cedric Y30

Stumbled across these photos on Flickr by way of Kiyo5841.  The vehicle shown is a Nissan Cedric between the years of 1983 – 1987, this model seems to be the V30 Turbo Brougham VIP model.  This one in particular is modified with a front , rear and side skirts, and even the class

Alex Greene Films: V2Lab: Mystery Meat 3 video coverage

Just as we all expected the V2lab Mystery Meat 3 shut down Orlando.  Regardless of what anyone says about this event I will always tip my hat and be motivated by Ravi Angard and the V2lab team.  From the first day I spoke to Ravi he has held to his guns about having a free to the publ

Past & Present: Jake Reining’s Hyundai Genesis

Back in 2010 I spent a lot of time browsing forums reaching out to people in the southeast looking for new content.  This search lead me to Texas were I met Jake Reining and his Hyundai Genesis.  Jake’s Genesis started off as pictured above, bone stock brand new when purchased i

Formula Drift: Irwindale – Final Fight Coverage 2014

The 2014 Formula D season came down to the final round this past weekend, and it provided a thrilling end to the season. This season the drivers seemed to be a lot rougher on the cars, giving the sense that the drivers were pushing 100% to win each round, and making each a run a fight

Autotuned Garage : Meng Tea’s Scion FRS

I met Meng years ago when he stayed in Atlanta(Meng’s old Type R). He kind of always just chilled and never said much.  However, going to events and shooting cars gives us the chance to make good friends. In the few years prior to Meng moving to California, we got to kick it a l

Autotuned Garage and FRS86

The first friends I made when I moved out to California were the guys and visitors of FRS86 and Autotuned. From day one I could feel that the shop was a different animal than nearly every workspace, garage, shop, or office I’d been in before. Parents and friends stop by on the r

Quick Shots: Nick D’andria’s BMW E46 M3

We have been sitting on these photos for a few months now.  And we are finally getting a chance to post them all up for you to see.  Nick’s M3 has always been a personal favorite of mine.  This car always appealed to me because of how much it matches Nick’s personality and

NOPI | Import Showdown Commerce, Ga 2014 Video

Alongside NOPI this year Import Showdown handled the import racing.  We will have coverage of the event coming up, check out the video I shot of some of the racing.  We would have hoped that the import racing would have been handled a little better.  But it seems this year they are pu

BC RACING presents: Lone Star Drift Round 6 video

See more BC RACING NA videos here Lone Star Drift Round 6 from BC RACING NA on Vimeo.

ILDS Presents: Keep It Fresh| WinterFest 2014

WINTERFEST INFORMATION Information Winter Fest is a Toys for Tots Event. Similar to last year our goal is to collect as many toys possible. This year we’re giving away a free car vinyl wrap courtesy of Candy Wraps to someone that donates a toy. In order to get a raffle ticket to win t

SOUTHRNFRESH 4 Coverage: Part 3

Some of you may have completely forgotten about our final set of Southrnfresh 4 photos, but we have one more set to share.  It was a really cloudy day, which kept the temperature down alot compared to the previous year.  But we were on the look out for the rain to show up at anytime.

Anthony’s FRS

The Fr-s, having only been on the market for a few years, it is becoming one of the most popular chassis in today’s tuning society.  For being so new the aftermarket support for this vehicle is over the roof, from Rocket Bunny and Vertex aero, to Greddy, ARK, and Cobb tuning performan

Jotech GT-R

It has been quite a while since I had posted up a feature here on Southrnfresh. I blame a good amount of work along with some laziness, but all of that aside here is one of the many features coming to Southrnfresh in the next month or so. Words by: Josh Smylie Photos by: Josh Smylie a

Dexter Vines’ Mugen Civic

Anybody who has sunk hours of effort, busted knuckles, curse words, and late nights into a car knows how quickly they develop into a part of the family. The same can certainly be said in the case of Dexter’s Ej1. Back in June of 1994, this Civic was a bone stock beauty sitting o