Marvin’s Acura TL – update

We make it a habit to check back in with cars that have been featured on here before. We got a small update of  Marvin and his Acura TL.  Marvin keeps it low key most of the time and just does his thing with the TL.  We have been following Marvin’s build since 2012, when we did

So long Scion

Before I left my job at Toyota, there was buzz of Toyota giving Scion one more big push to keep it going with their new models.  The iM and iA were supposed to help the brand stay alive.  But  it was the final attempt, and if they did not sell the Scion brand would be dropped. Well al

Simply Clean 7 2015 Part 2

Photos by: Yomar Lopez – Joseph Dale In this photo you get a good idea of the layout again.  The hotel surrounds the actual lot that the pre approved cars are parked.  So you can pretty much enjoy the show and look at the lot from your front door. The whole idea of pre approved


Sometimes when we get information from owners, and they tell their story well enough that we present it with their own words.  Today we have Adam Bates Acura TL from Florida. Photos By: Yomar Lopaz @23weekends I have owned my 2005 Acura TL since September 2011.  I purchased the car wi

Simply Clean 7 2015 part 1

Months later, we have coverage from Simply Clean 7 held at Destination Daytona in Florida. Photos by: Yomar Lopez – Joseph Dale Simply Clean 7 usually brings the year to an end here in the southeast.  It allows us to get a final taste of warm weather before we all go in hibernat

JustCause Video – Sebastian [GARAGE MOON POWER]

Just Cause put together a quick montage of Sebastian Suaza and his S13.  Always had a respect for Sebatian and his skill behind the wheel. GARAGE MOON POWER  Sebastian [GARAGE MOON POWER] – JustCause from JustCause on Vimeo.

Featured Behind the doors at TDC Performance

Well deserved spotlight from Featured Garage on TDC Performance Mike Amerson gave us an opportunity to poke around his shop, TDC Performance, and come to understand the monumental vehicles built within their work space. From drift, drag, road course, and even diesel performance, the c

UTV Underground presents: RJ Anderson XP1K3

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K3” is five-minute full throttle, turbo powerd, mind bending, off-road thrill ride through the most unforgivable obstacles imaginable. RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks massive jumps, high spe

Simply Clean 7 – Ormond Beach Kickback

PHOTOS BY: YOMAR LOPEZ – JONATHAN DAVIS – JOSEPH DALE The tide has turned in our scene, and whether you believe it or not there is a new era of enthusiasts on the rise.  It pains me to say “younger” crowd, because it makes me feel old.  But its true, the newer

Trey Devon presents Cliff’s Lexus GS FSport

Shout out to Trey Devon for hanging out with us in the rain.  And making this short video.   TREY DEVON CHANNEL 

Johnny’s Mercedes E320 Wagon

Photos By: RICHARD S. Johnny has been quietly working on his W124 for almost a year.  Purchased from a friend to give his Cayman S a break from daily driving (seen here).   The vehicle was in really good working order when purchased, but it could not be left stock.  Johnny had been ta

Brett May: RWB Atlanta – Mini Documentary – CLERMONT – Porsche 911

Akira Nakai of Rauh-Welt Bergiff builds the first RWB Porsche on East coast in Atlanta, Georgia for Tate Askew at MotorCarStudio.

V2lab Mystery Meat 4 – Orlando, Florida

Photos By: Kurshid M. – Joseph Dale  This was our first trip down to the Mystery Meat held by V2Lab out of Orlando.  V2lab and SF have always had a tight relationship, back when SF first started I would share a lot of their content before I even met anyone involved with the site