SOUTHRNFRESH 4 Coverage: Part 3

Some of you may have completely forgotten about our final set of Southrnfresh 4 photos, but we have one more set to share.  It was a really cloudy day, which kept the temperature down alot compared to the previous year.  But we were on the look out for the rain to show up at anytime.

Anthony’s FRS

The Fr-s, having only been on the market for a few years, it is becoming one of the most popular chassis in today’s tuning society.  For being so new the aftermarket support for this vehicle is over the roof, from Rocket Bunny and Vertex aero, to Greddy, ARK, and Cobb tuning performan

Jotech GT-R

It has been quite a while since I had posted up a feature here on Southrnfresh. I blame a good amount of work along with some laziness, but all of that aside here is one of the many features coming to Southrnfresh in the next month or so. Words by: Josh Smylie Photos by: Josh Smylie a

Dexter Vines’ Mugen Civic

Anybody who has sunk hours of effort, busted knuckles, curse words, and late nights into a car knows how quickly they develop into a part of the family. The same can certainly be said in the case of Dexter’s Ej1. Back in June of 1994, this Civic was a bone stock beauty sitting o

Mark Arcenal’s RWB Porsche 911: Pandora One

With Cory Mader moving out to California, we have finally been able to broaden our reach and give some love to our West Coast viewers.  With all whats going on out west we are thankful that we get so much love from the west coast.  California is one of our top viewed states, and we ho

Import Alliance Summer Coverage 2014

The IA Summer meet is always a well timed meet, this year taking place in July and on the same weekend as our event, SF4. With all of the crew getting ready for SF4, I was making the trek up from Bowling Green to Sparta, Kentucky. This year’s event was Import Alliance’s 9t

Tuner Evolution: Charlotte, North Carolina Nov. 1st 2014

Tuner Evolution will be heading down south to Charlotte, North Carolina on November 1st.  We welcome the team and will be assisting help making this show an even better success then it has already been.  Check out TUNER-EVOLUTION.COM and get familiar with the show, and register.

SOUTHRNFRESH 4 Coverage: Part 2

I feel like every posts I have to start out with “sorry for taking so long”.  But it has been a really busy few months in this region, there seems to be an event every weekend of some sort, which is something we are not used to.  Its good to have all these events going on


Those of you that have emailed about items out of stock, and asking when the banners would be back.  Now is your chance to get one. We also have some new shirt colors available. SOUTHRNFRESH STORE

All Gold Everything

What we have here is a really clean Foxbody mustang, we shot it during TX2K14 at Hennessy performance out in Sealy Texas. We dont know much about it to be honest, we never could get in proper contact with the owner.. So enjoy some cool pictures of a clean Foxbody Words by Jason Scott

SOUTHRNFRESH 4 Coverage: Part 1

Well we survived another year, and thanks to you all we are constantly growing.  This was our second year at this venue.   The idea with this location was to use the midway area until we knew we would use the whole park.   This year we hit that limit and will be forced to expand to th

Stance Nation Texas: Cruise and Car Show

It has been awhile since I’ve made a post. We have a lot of big things coming out of Texas so stay tuned. Until then, you will have to enjoy our coverage of Stance Nation Texas. It was an early Saturday morning to get up and get ready for the Mayday Garage Big D Run. We packed u


While we gather all our photos check out this video from JUSTCAUSE.. SouthrnFresh 4 – JustCause from Just Cause on Vimeo.

Justin Enriquez’s Evo

We do apologize for the lack of updates on the site, but you guys have kept us busy with Southrnfresh 4, and we are excited that this will be the largest turnout of any event we have ever had.  But we had to make some time for a feature post today. The same day we took the photos of B

Coast to Coast: Georgia to California

The move out to California was definitely a learning experience, and one I won’t soon forget. After packing up my apartment, moving my stuff down to my parents’ house, and having my car broken into (delaying my departure about a week), it was safe to say I was ready to get on the road

Quick shots: Brandon’s Passat

We have been really busy gathering everything up for a successful SOUTHRNFRESH 4.  We took these photos almost 2 months ago, but have finally gotten around to getting these up.  Brandon has been a supporter of Southrnfresh and has always made an effort to come out to our events withou

Shocker Joe: Brap Tank Tops available…

Check out Shocker Joe’s latest release.  Right on time for the dog days of summer.   Check them out at SHOCKER JOE.COM

“Boiling Point “- BC Racing at Formula Drift Miami

Check out the BC RACING team take on Formula D Round 3 in Miami, Florida And dont forget about our Slammin Summer Promo with DWS Parts and BC Racing    “Boiling Point “- BC Racing at Formula Drift Miami from BC RACING NA on Vimeo.

Carlos’ Kia v.4

With every car that we showcase here we try to follow up with them, and show updated progress on each build when changes are made.  We are so used to seeing people claim to have built a car and only have done wheels and a drop.   I have always praised Carlos for taking a road less tra

DWS PARTS x SF Slammin Summer Promo

Get the best deals on BC Racing coilovers at DWSPARTS.COM and receive free DWS gear and Southrnfresh goodies with your purchase of a set of BC Racing coils and you are also entered to win a 250$ American Express Card. Prices start at $895 shipped, check out DWSPARTS.COM and place your