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If you have never heard of Gatebil…this is your chance to see what its all about.  MARCUS LUNDELL FLICKR GATEBIL.COM   Gatebil @ Mantorp Park 2015 from Gatebil on Vimeo.

Southrnfresh 5 x Streetdriven Tour Coverage pt. 3

Continuing photo coverage of Southrnfresh 5 x Street Driven Tour.  And we have gotten around to some of the other cars that showed up for the first time. I apologize for the lack of info on the cars posted today.  Most of them  I am just seeing looking at the photos.    PHOTOS BY: DAV

Quick Shot: Rain Prisk Designs BRZ Hatchback Render

Just a little something to make you wonder what could have been if Subaru had expanded the BRZ development platform into a more 90’s Outback/STI wagon territory. We love it, what do you guys think? Shout out to Rain Prisk Designs on Facebook.  

Video: Chris Ward x Michael Hill – Shiftpoint Motorsports Festival

Finally got a chance to edit some of the videos of the Go Pro.  This one is of Chris Ward and Michael Hill having fun at the Shiftpoint Motorsport Festival. Enjoy –

Quick Shot: Yomar Lopez – Acura TSX


Gallery – Global Time Attack 2014 – Road Atlanta

Photos from Global Time Attack held alongside Formula D 2014 at Road Atlanta.  We never got around to posting them up.  Enjoy! Photos by: Cory Mader – Jonathan Davis

Luxury Sedan photo session – The Lost feature

Many many months ago, we shot these cars for a big vip style photoshoot.  But after the shoot, one of the photographers lost a big portion of the photos.  So we scrapped the whole idea, and will try to reconstruct the idea real soon.  These are the only photos from that day. Photos: J

Southrnfresh 5 x Streetdriven Tour Coverage pt. 2

Part 2 is dedicated to the usual suspects of our events.  The people and cars that you will pretty much always see at any Southrnfresh event no matter what day it is big or small.  And we really appreciate those of you that continue to support SF, you are just as responsible for our g