Southern Wörthersee 2015 | The Final Chapter

“This show is supposed to be for VW/Audi and Porsche only!” typed the furious hipster on Facebook. “You uninvited people ruined the show!” exclaimed another as the smoke cleared from the burnout he just did. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve

Brantley Uptagrafft’s Nissan 240SX Gallery

Photos by: Jonathan Davis & Kurshid Maricar  Vehicle is also for sale: Contact Brantley 

Andy Carter Photo: The Honda Heritage Center

Check out Andy Carter’s trip to The Honda Heritage Center in Ohio  So I recently turned 30, and for my birthday, my wife and parents organized a trip to Marysville, Ohio to visit the newly opened Honda Heritage Center.  This museum was created by Honda to celebrate the company&#

City of Helen Council Meeting: Southern Worthersee 2015 Video

Well another year, and another after Southern Worthersee discussion comes up.  Where do you draw the line between making money and safety?  That seems to be the discussion in this Helen City Council Meeting.  Every year since 2013 SOWO has increased in the amount of foolery.  And over

SF5 x Street Driven Tour Update: Group Discounts and Vendor Inquiry

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE  We have added a discount for any groups over 10.  Registering your group of 10 or more all at once will save you 5.00 per ticket for the showcase on top of the early bird savings.  All purchases must be made at once to be able to take advantage of the discount.  P

SF5 x Street Driven Tour Registration Open

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE  $20.00 -GENERAL ADMISSION – 1 person – 1 car to be parked in the general admission parking lot  $140.00 – DRIFT REGISTRATION – 1 person – 1 car drifting for the afternoon + mini games (course layout posted soon) $35.00 – SOUTHRN


  It is time again for our annual event.  This being the 5th year, we went with a different location, and partnered up with the Street Driven Tour  to make this year special.  This event will be more then just a parking lot meet.  There will be Drifting, Auto X, Carnival rides, a

Southern Roots Spring 2015 – Kentucky

On the second Sunday of April, car enthusiasts of all kinds traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky, for a homegrown car show. That show, known as SouthernRoots, is in its third year of hosting shows, with the first show held in July of 2013 in Louisville, Ky. The organization of Southern

Motorama 2015 – Gallery

A few shots from the Motorama show held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Chris Melde’s Datsun 240Z

Photos By: Robbie Jordan The south is a place full of hidden gems; treasures amongst trash that have been forgotten and tucked away in barns and garages just waiting to be discovered. It is up to our generation to rekindle the past and save these prizes from being forgotten forever. T

Formula Drift 2015: Long Beach – Offset Kings Gallery

Photos from the Offset Kings showcase held by Fatlace at Round 1 of Formula D in Long Beach. SEE OUR COMPLETE FORMULA D COVERAGE HERE

Formula Drift 2015: Long Beach

If what we saw at FD Long Beach tells us anything of how the rest of the 2015 season is going to play out, buckle up because we’re in for a bumpy ride. Going into the round of 32, Forrest Wang was in a solid first place coming out of qualifying with his 97 over last year’s

Go-Autoworks – Montgomery, Alabama

I always feel the need to reference  back to the early beginnings of SF with a lot of posts lately.  Only because its all starting to develop here and all the seeds that were planted years ago are starting to grow.  A few years ago I was at Import Showdown Khris H. introduced me to a

Import Alliance Spring 2015 Atlanta, GA

Photos By: Khris H. – Joseph Dale Officially starting our season here in Georgia  is Import Alliance Spring.  For most of us it is the first major event in the southeast .  It kick starts all the festivities, and a lot of people set IA Spring as the date for their winter builds

Clouds and Cars | Right Coast Movement

Take a look at the coverage of the March Clouds and Cars meet courtesy of Right Coast Movement More on Flickr

Eugene Chou’s BMW 2002

May we present to you Eugene’s 1971 BMW 2002 a cool story and a cooler car. Eugene is a man with a passion for racing history and has even helped write some history himself. Eugene and his buddy’s are arguably responsible for kicking off Atlanta’s drift scene years ago. This passion h

Quick Shots: 1JZ Caddy


Kevin Lams Twin Turbo 370Z

This time we bring you Kevin Lam’s Twin Turbo Nismo 370Z out of Atlanta, Ga from Team Untamed  Photos by: Jonathan Davis – Joseph Dale   Kevin’s journey with the Nismo begin in 2009, and at the time it was pretty hard to find in white.  But his search lead him to Lou

Average Squad

Some good friends have put together a crew all about embracing average cars and normal feels. Are you down? Check out their promo video below and give them a like on Facebook!  

Downing Atlanta Visit

Paul at MAZMART contacted me a few weeks back to inform me that the 787 was in town and is on its way back home soon.  It was such a pleasure to be able to get so much personal time with such a racing icon.   Also to our excitement the garage was full of a few in house projects, and a