OG Japanese Sport Coupe

At the Lexus Owners meet that was held this past Sunday a gentlemen by the name of Dwight showed up in his 1st generation Toyota Soarer straight from Japan.  This was not the first time I had met Dwight, he showed up at a past meet last month in a Nissan Rasheen!  So it was no surprise that he is the owner of several Japanese RHD vehicles.

Perri was in attendance and he was eager to get some work in with his lighting equipment, so we got some shots of a few of the cars in attendance  out until 3am!!


Besides being very rare this Soarer is in great condition to be a 30 years old, and only having around 85,000 miles on it makes it even more special.  There is just something about old school cars that have so much character.  You can tell that older cars were made with a special purpose and with meaning to a car company rather than just to sell.

Street legal and daily driven the right way! Dwight also owns another 3rd generation Soarer, but this is appropriately tagged “JDMSC”

Fender mirrors, city lights screams old school, check out the original paint still in good condition nothing a nice clay bar could not take care of.

Check out the OEM optional Advan wheels, wheel heads please let us know what these wheels are called.

The turbo charged sohc 2.0(M-TEU) Inline 6, is still putting out 150hp.  One of the first 6 cylinder designs of the great M series motors.

Forget all that fancy leather, take it back to the sofa like plush seats of the 80’s.

Digital Gauges were a big deal in the 80’s, but most never worked long enough to enjoy.  But on this timeless piece they are still in bright working order.

Back to the character aspect of old cars, and i would bet a million dollars that things like this would never see the day of light on any modern car.  This also was a option for the car.  To me this picture alone speaks so much for the old Japanese classic car