Rides & Tides Meet : Navarre Beach, FL

There is not much said about the panhandle of Florida in terms of the automotive scene. However, a small group of car enthusiasts out of Crestview, FL looked to change the perception that the rest of the state, Gulf South, and nation had of their region. Their conception was the first annual Rides and Tides Meet in Navarre Beach, FL.

We are always looking to support anyone that takes their time out and puts on a quality event.  There is a growth of groups and more blogs in this region all aiming to do the same thing, post pictures, sell stuff, and have events.  The easy part seems to starting, and most fall off after the first two events, because people quickly realize that this is just a gimmick for them to make money of something that you truly enjoy.  I believe that Rides & Tides has started a quality tradition in the Southeast.  

First thing many did was tag the front bumper of Rob Watson’s track-prepped NSX

Anthony Malesa showed up in his pristine Miata.

Bagged R32 on BBS LMs

If its a VW chances are it will be bagged at most events, including the Tiguan

I will take a wild guess and say the owner is on the right.

Beach bums

Rear shot of Rob’s NSX

 Top Secret fueled R34 and the NSX were clearly the crowd favorites

Did I mention that they provided a helicopter for a unique angle on the action?

What could be better than this venue?  

Adrian Tucker’s 86 next to a beautiful Exige S

Adrian Tucker’s 86 at ground level

Mike Groves’ Contour, Always nice to see his choice in a different platform

Did I mention he has a friend too…

Dewayne Ramsey’s Cressida.

I’d take it that the oem sunroof never satisfied his needs for sun.

Aerial view of some of the 240s

Trong Nguyen’s Accord from Louisiana repping for Stunt Status’ booth.

Look out for more on Draper Delancey’s turbo GS soon

Kind of a rare sighting, to see a modded first gen Camry


Which is it. S14 or S15?

The scenery provided for some impromptu photo ops

Eric Bautista’s tC

Crazy stretch on the turbo Busa

With rain in the forecast it was looking to be a gloomy and wet weekend, but the sun never stopped shining; bringing out some of the best examples of the scene. The organizers wanted to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, and spectators for making all their hard work an enjoyable experience for all. Until next year.