SF Sunday | July 2012

Its been a while since we have had a SF Sunday, part of the reason is space.  Last year we could go anywhere and setup shop and tell folks to come and hang out.  But its not easy to finding locations that will fit the large crowds that come out and support us.  Mellow Mushroom does not have the biggest lot for us, but they are always welcoming to everyone.  We did not promote the event as much as we usually do, because of the small area and we already knew word of mouth would get everyone out.  

It was hot as all hell, so most people did not stick around past 4, and I was kicking it inside talking.  SF meets are meant to be a chill session with the family and friends.  And it felt good to see some of the regulars pop up and some the new cars come out just before IA.  Atlanta has a small community, but I swear everyone knows everyone  some way or another.  Which is part of the reason for good vibes.  The sun was beaming so much of the pics are decent from myself, Jon took some better ones during the evening.

R32 on BBS LM

Joe’s RSX from Team Emotion is one of Atlanta’s baddest hondas.  Check out the past feature of the car a year ago here.  Joe always come out to our events, really appreciate that.

Brandyn Clark’s 3 Series

Took me awhile to realize what wheels they were.  I finally realized they were M coupe rears all around.

Another heavy hitter that makes it out to all our events.

I have met the owner once, at a meet a year or so ago, when he declined us for some photos…haha.  But he was waiting for his Honda Tuning feature to drop.  

Maybe one day he will let us get some time with the S! 🙂

Anthony’s S2k, hard to tell from the pics but its a dark brown color.

David Ridinger’s rotary Corolla, more of it here

Steve Richardson’s LS powered FD on Work Meisters, he is also the owner of Allspeed Autoworks

Kj’s S2000

Constantly changing this setup seems to be pretty solid, chances are the car will look different this weekend..lol

KJ always reppin!

Chris and KJ’s S2k

Chris Hall another Team Emotion member.  Been holding down the J’s Racing setup for a while., works great with the color.

always like the extreme look of the J’s Racing fenders.  check out the past feature here.

This 350Z has been this way for along time, and its still a dope car.

Even still wearing the OG Posture sticker!  Need to bring these things back!

The car was built by a guy I know by “zeek”, and was purchased recently by someone else a few months back.   

Kevin Lu’s S15 Spec R sporting a set of hard to find Advan T5 wheels.  check out the old setup here.

A new car among the regulars was this high horsepower Z32 convertible, the owner told me it made around 800hp on nitrous. its rare to see a quality built Z32.  Did not get a good picture of the Advans or the brake setup.

John Thompson’s Genesis sporting a new set of Forgestar wheels , more pics of the old setup here

Charle’s Si, the Futuras came out to be a great choice.  

Juan’s Datsun pickup

Dan Chi’s Evo

Evo’s are starting to grow on me alot lately. 

Gregg Bucell’s  S13 from S3 Magazine 

Kevin’s Evo recently featured in this months Import Tuner.  

800hp and still every factory accessory.  The work to coordinate every part in the engine, makes it look like a organized chaos.  

I thought the glass coolant line was a great touch.

If you cannot tell this car is a favorite of mine, i love the coordination of it all the way inside and outside.  We have featured the Evo back when it was making around 400, but we had to wait for the Import Tuner feature to drop before we could do it again.  So hopefully after IA we will get it done!

Thanks for looking!