Wekfest | Austin, TX 2012

We’ve finally got our Wekfest Austin, TX coverage settled up and ready to view. I was not personally able to go and hang out in Austin that weekend, even though I had planned months before to make the trip. But unfortunately it just did not come together. I was really looking forward to kicking it with our Texas crew, Jason Scott , Mark Razmandi, and Dennis Nguyen.  But the guys did work and got some great pictures of the event.

I was really curious on what Texas would bring out, being that a lot of cars would be pretty new to me.  Texas has not been in the spotlight this year as much as they were in the past 2 years.  But as the pictures show, the amount of quality and serious builds in Texas has remained the same. Texas brought out the goods once again.



CNS Polish Works Civic was definitely a neck breaker with all polished parts 

Swang and Bang killing it at Wekfest

Ian Repping Strictly G’s with his Bagged G37

Chris Marcel’s a.k.a. Rainbow Bright Bagged G35

Jud Laguna’s stupid clean EF from Squirrel Squad 

Team Emotion’s Boosted CRZ 

Tom’s ridiculously clean S2000

Feature coming soon of this car so be prepared!

Jake Campos with his bagged Benz definitely turned some heads.

Low-Weezy-Ana’s super clean STI

That internet famous SC300 with his new 1jz swap

The Mayday Garage FD turning some heads with its Toyota heart.

Another Swang and Bang ride out at Wekfest

You may have seen this car all over the internet a couple times before.

Taylor Reed’s freshly painted 350z 

Ryan Lam’s crazy new setup with Luxury Abstract’s 

Dennis Nguyen be trolling on me

DWS Parts Plasti Dipped Honda Accord Crosstour 

Andee Pham’s twin turbo slammed 350z

Squirrel Squad’s epic Civic rocking Lusso Forged 

This BRZ was very nice to look at since it still had a functional ride height.

Son Le from Houston repping Strictly G’s

A very clean SC430. Not something you see everyday.

One of the many examples of a well thought out shaved engine bay.

Team 16Niss and Futura Designs bagged big-body Lexus

Paul Morgan’s S2000 was looking great with all of the JDM parts on his ride.

Paul’s wife with her very own sick S2000

Chris Beardon’s metal widebody and boosted G35 

Mario Gomez showing off his drift car

FatCats brought out a lot low rides for this event. Watch out for them in the future!

Chan Le from Proper Garage and Wrong Fitment Crew being a hipster.

Someone’s epic tape job they did for Wekfest

Refined Elegance’s crazy widebody and bagged SC

Rami’s S2000 looking great on the TE37 Super Laps

Something very different, a full carbon fiber bodied S30 powered by a Twin Turbo VQ35

That is all we have from WekFest.  Much love to Texas for representing the south well!

And also WEKSOS USA for putting on such a high quality show. We hope we can get them to make a stop in Atlanta!

Thanks for looking!