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Well once again a successful event thanks to Mainstream Performance and always thankful to everyone that made the trip and hung out with us.  This year there were so many high caliber cars in attendance, as usual we make it a point to make a cool and calm atmosphere where ever we go, and as always it’s effortlessly done thanks to you all that support us.

I was really excited about this event because I actually prepared myself in advance and got everything in order days before so there weren’t any issues all day.  The day before I had to work, pick up my wheel faces, put my wheels back together, clean up the car, and hopefully get my fenders rolled for the massive amount of driving i had to do that weekend.  I ended up getting done about 1am, cleaned the car up, and headed over to my good friend Cliff ‘s house and stayed the night because he stayed 20 minutes from Mainstream as opposed to my 90 minute drive to ensure I would arrive at my planned time and get parking situated.  

Arrived at Mainstream at about 11:45, and we had a few of the neighbors still parked out front that just ruined all front row parking for the moment.  But luckily within 30 minutes the lot cleared up.  And that is when most of the front row cars started to show up. This was my first time actually splitting up the parking and having some hand picked cars in one place.  And I am not the type of person to ever tell anyone they are not good enough or if their pride and joy is good enough, because I never felt like I had that right.  I just had to be sure that the cars up front were respected by all and appealed to everyone in attendance.  So here are some of the photos from the event, some from our SF photographers and some from attendees that I found posted on our FORUMS.  There will be more posted within the week. Enjoy.

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Check out the photos from Corbin Watson | Jason Naoto | Richard S. | Leonard Silver

I start the post by a photo of my own vehicle only because, I know it was the first picture of the afternoon when I just arrived! This weekend was the first big event I had the car out to, and I must say the car got so much love and appreciation! Too bad it was running like shit because of a loose vaccum hose on the intake manifold I just found last night..lol

Anthony made the trip up from Florida for the weekend as well. Brave man to take that hike that low! Check out his past feature with us HERE

Miatas have become a even more popular car within the year. You have 3 different styles displayed here: Matt’s slammed Wide Body Miata, Anthony’s crispy clean Mazdspeed Miats on CCW’s, And Mike’s functional Mazdaspeed



Up close shot of Mike’s Mazdaspeed Miata always been one of the cleanest Miatas in Atlanta for years.

Matt’s Miata came through all the way from Florida in tip top shape and was the talk of the whole weekend, Representing Team V2 Lab.  I had seen this car all over the Internet the past few months before the engine bay work.  Which was done and completed a few weeks before IA weekend.


Shaved and tucked to the max, not sure if you can tell in my photo that the bay also had some flake in the white paint.


You can even see that the Intake Manifold was shaved, and cleared.



CJ Gann and his Miata  rolled down from Tennessee, in slammed Miata fashion. One thing I liked about this car was the interior. Personally I have always liked bright colored interiors especially in roadsters.



A shot of Tanner Norwood and CJ Gann’s Miata side by side aka “Troll Patrol”, we got a real nice photo set of these 2 cars that will be up next week!

A shot of Tanner’s Miata, I cannot remember the width of his Meisters, just know it sits perfect. No matter how many times I see it, I just dont know how these Miata guys roll so low on a daily basis without destroying everything.  Especially after a 3 hour drive from Tennessee..


A rear shot of Tanner’s Miata and his slightly Bozo style exhaust.

Another Team V2Lab member from Florida Clayton Best, and his one of a kind Dodge Caliber. We featured a slammed Caliber a year or so ago from Tennessee. I thought that was one of the few nicely modded Calibers around. But Clayton has took his Caliber to that level also, I am a sucker for contrasting features on cars maybe the young ricer in me…lol

Closer shot of the Engine Bay

Whats a Florida car without CCW’s!?!? lol Fitment is on point and the LM5’s were blinging as usual!

Across was Chris Dornon and his Sleek S2k. Chris is a OG photographer in the Southeast region, and also prints some of our decals @ Dornon Designs.

A shot of Easton’s IS300, owner of CZ wheels out of Louisiana. Always rolls in on a fresh set of wheels.  Check the dudes faces, as he creeps through…..

Easton settled in and found a spot, A few weeks ago I saw Easton rolling on a set of Eurolines in Florida for Auto Combine.

Leng Ngov rolled up in his STI. The last time this car was seen out in public was at last years Mainstream event, and since than it has been a money pit for Leng going through multiple blown motors. But he says it seems to be right and all good now.

Stephen Burke’s STI reppin PG+K, check out Khris H in the back doing work!

And another, Cusco front lip looks premium on the STI. Burke’s car has been clean for so long, it always gets my attention when I see it in person.

Jason Naoto’s Mazda Protege, has been one of my favorite cars since waaay back in 2004 ish. Back when I had my Protege and was deep into it. Not too many people know my tight connection to the Protege community. Jason stays all the way in Virginia, and makes the trip down to Atlanta whenever anything is going on.

Matt Stover’s EK, a Mainstream built car.


B series till the end..makes a smooth 800+

Rhd EG cruising in, I cant remember were the car was from. I do remember that it was tucked bay and had a K series in it.

I see this car a lot at our events, I believe he is from Southside Atlanta. The owner always comes out to our events and shows love!

I believe this car was from Tennessee as well, but not 100% sure. Looks dope, do not see too many 4 doors done properly.

Matt Tucker’s EK is always a crowd pleaser.

Ruben Hernandez’s RB27 powered 350Z, founder of RetroLit Customs.

It maybe a surprise to some…but it is an Eclipse! Driven by a lady!

Clark’s STI sporting a somewhat new look on the Work VS-XX.

Carlos Bori Villanueva’s Kia Forte is one of a kind and always gets some attention.


Taylor’s Corolla wagon, and Chris Carder’s 510

Thanks for the pic Rich!

Juan Carias’s little hustler Datsun representing Dynasty Car Club. Check out his past feature here.

Justin Goad’s beautiful Evo 8. Made the trip also from Florida. Last time we saw this car was a few months back in Florida also at the Auto Combine, now he has changed up to a set of LM5s. 

Rear shot of Justin’s Evo…looks like the homie in the white T may be picking up an Evo soon…lol


Ricky Warner’s Fit as featured in S3 Magazine came up from Alabama.

Ricky’s a fan of brain i suppose.

Lou’s Mainstream built turbo EK sits slightly lower since we saw it last and featured here.

Armanda Zukic’s CRZ from Florida another crowd favorite from the weekend.

Another Tennessee Integra. Never met the owner, I always see the car at the big events.


Joe’s RSX, one of the cleanest RSXs around. Supercharged, and full of all type of premium goodies. We featured this car a year or so ago.

Blue Recaros and the blue suede door cards flow so well.

NSX & Justin’s EVO rollin in…

Mirror Detailing has a shop next door, and they had one of their customers turbo charged NSX at the shop and brought it over to stunt a bit..

Spotless UCF10


I love the fact that the 2 tone was still left after the fresh paint…unless this is factory? More details if anyone knows the owner.

Evo X, taking the highlighter approach to the TEs


Kevin Lu’s low mileage Silvia Spec R, check out our past feature HERE.

My absolute favorite EG build! I was so glad to see that they came through, I hear its gonna be in Honda Tuning  soon I believe. Never got a chance to speak to the owner, so I am not up to date on it 100%.

Unique Auto Squad out of NY-NJ came down and showed love. Spoke with a few of the UA guys, and they expressed how cool and calm events are down south, which is why they make it a must to attend the big events down here. That seems to be something I hear lot from folks from up north and out west.

Justin Butera’s bagged EK

Alex Gallardo & Forged Performance rolling in!

ChadBee rolling in, in the Forged Performance GTR

Kj Drapeau rollin through the lot…

Thanks again to everyone that attended, and showed support.  We will have more photos from Khris H. from the event soon!  Stay tuned for more.  And thanks again to the folks that attended and took photos that I posted up in here.  If you have some more photos from the weekend post up on our FORUMS.