The meet was a flawless event and a spectacular turnout from the Southeast, big thanks to my Tennessee , Alabama, and Florida crews that showed up.  And a big thanks to Garage Zero for their hospitality, and Wangs Auto service also.  Big thanks to Micheal for holding down the grill and serving everyone all day and all to the night!  And all the people that volunteered and help everything run smooth.  Next year we will have to schedule a bigger location which is a good thing!

But its all about the people!  And I thank you all for coming and supporting Southrnfresh this past year!  And spreading the word offline as much as online.  It really means a lot to us!

Pictures will be up soon, if anyone has some they want to submit please email them in 1280 resolution to:

  • richie

    straight pimp. ha. michelle you the best! the meet was indeed flawless guys. lets do another!

  • Norm

    Your famous…!

  • Yesterday was a blast!!! Im glad we hosted the event. Flawless victory indeed. Winter projects demand we have another in the spring!

  • KJ

    SICK turnout for sure! thanks for the hard work to make this happen guys…

    southrn fresh II in the springtime meet? i hope!!

  • Had a great time at the meet. The food was on point and the cars even better! Hope for more successful meets in the future!