2014 MSR Race for Charity

For the last four years Houston’s Motorsport Ranch has been hosting an annual charity race. The race is designed to gather donations for two charities. One being Rehabilitation Services Volunteer Project or R.S.V.P and the other is Noah’s Ark Bayou Sanctuary Animal Rescue. A few of our close friends had decided to take part in this event because if you can race and help people at the same time, why wouldn’t you?

Photos and Words by: Josh Smylie

A pair of Boss 302 Mustang’s with clever license plates

Does not take much to make an FR-S look good as well as perform on the track

Needs more aero

Just a couple of muscle cars, only thing missing is a mullet

Waiting for this 4runner to tip over… never happened

Duct tape and zip ties is all you need to race a spec Miata

Pretty sure your wheel isn’t supposed to bend that way

 Chris Young’s immaculate supercharged Mugen RSX-S

One of the reasons I love road racing so much is the random assortment of vehicles that come out.

Paint would add too much weight to this s2000

Same with fenders

As the racing was coming to an end we decided to wonder around the paddock and see what crazy things we would find.

Good to see someone take their rare $300,000 Porsche out to do what it was meant to do

Craziest thing we could find was this chopped up Honda Del Sol

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