Superstar Customs: Justin Butera’s Lexus LS400

We have featured almost every vehicle that Justin has put together from his Jetta back in 2010, and his Civic  in 2012.   This time we bring you Justin’s LS400 that has been transformed into a showcase for the talents of Superstar Customs.  Michael Taylor and Justin Butera have been working hard on getting Superstar Customs a household name for a few years.  This car was making its debut at Import Alliance Spring and it made a big impression on everyone.

Photos By:  Jonathan Davis 

About a year ago the LS400 looked like this, soon after the transformation begin to go all out.  First thing was the Wald Sportline kit.  The kit was modified upfront by adding a opening on the lip kit, and the bumper was accented with LED lights. 

The rear section of the lip kit was also modified in the center, and rear vents were added to the lower bumper.  You can also catch a glimpse of the LED taillights.  

The fender work on the rear is always tricky in the rear with the rear doors.   They created custom metal flares in order to fit the 19×10.5 – 11.5 SSR SP3 wheels.  From this angle the car itself does not look very wide, but the car has a massive track.  

The front fenders were modified also and the  opening behind the wheel was added to accent the flared fender work.  The vehicles suspension consist of BC Racing Extreme Low Shocks and UAS bags.  The color is from Audi called suzuka grey pearl. 

VIP cars have multiple styles from completely wild to a subtle classic look, Justin’s LS walks the line of both.  This type of styling brings to reality the VIP styling that we always drool over in Japanese magazines.  Every angle you can see something has been modified  enough to notice, but not enough to disturb the original plan of the vehicle.  

As we always do we will be  keeping an eye out on the progress of this build.  Thanks for looking


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  • bobk522 .

    High class LS400, really puts other “VIP” cars in the states to shame.