Mark Arcenal’s RWB Porsche 911: Pandora One

With Cory Mader moving out to California, we have finally been able to broaden our reach and give some love to our West Coast viewers.  With all whats going on out west we are thankful that we get so much love from the west coast.  California is one of our top viewed states, and we hope that we can bring more of what the west coast has to offer to this region.  


Since moving out there Cory has been attending the Slammed Sundays events held by Fatlace.  Cory was granted some time with the one and only Pandora One owned by Mark Arcenal the founder of Fatlace.  Fatlace has been one of the sites that motivated the creation of Southrnfresh.  The format for everything we do started with what Fatlace did back in the prime of HellaFlush beginnings.  Not only creating a word, but having a hand in creating a style of modification that is still popular to this day.

Me personally never really knew what RWB was or the history behind it before the name was brought to light by Fatlace when Pandora One was built.  I had always seen the RAUH-WELT  window banners on various Japanese blog sites.  But the car I would see the most was the RWB S15.  It was put together unlike anything I had ever seen at the time.  

Still to this day I admire the drive and hustle of Mark and the Fatlace team.  Reinventing the wheel and setting trends in the scene.  And constantly bringing new things to the table and keeping the scene fresh.  My most admirable thing about Mark is how he takes his brand and applies it to any and everything.  An example of that is shown in the photo above, the Bride Lo Max x Illest edition racing seat.

The whole mystery of this RWB was all brought to the light, and we were introduced to Nakai San, and his masterful hand craftsmanship.  Pandora One was the start of the RWB wave in the USA.  

Pandora One’s color has been changed to the black that you see here, and the wheels have been changed out for a set of Work Brombacher.  When Cory took the photos of the car, it was still in the process of having some of the last few parts painted from the original green.  

Thats all of the photos Cory was able to get of the Porsche with the time he had with the car.  Special thanks to Felix at Fatlace for putting in a good word for us to get some time with the car.




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