Anthony’s FRS

The Fr-s, having only been on the market for a few years, it is becoming one of the most popular chassis in today’s tuning society.  For being so new the aftermarket support for this vehicle is over the roof, from Rocket Bunny and Vertex aero, to Greddy, ARK, and Cobb tuning performance modifications there is something for everybody available for this car.  It will not matter whether or not you’re a low n slow type of guy or have a more track oriented view, there will be something for you.

Photos By: Paulo Jurisprudencia

I mean who does not like having a rear wheel drive car ? Anyways, this FR-S below belongs to a good friend of mine, it’s been his little side project as his Supercharged NA miata build has come to a slow trickle.

This shoot was not really planned, I had contacted Anthony a few days before about wanting to shoot it, problem is we live about 40 miles away from each other and he could not really go to my side of town so I had just met up with him at his house. I had no idea what spots were available to shoot so I was going in blind.  

I did come with a vision though and I wanted to keep it that way, as we arrived to the spot I instantly knew this was the perfect spot to make that vision come true.  The photos may be a little off but cut me some slack, I had kind of taken a hiatus with my photography the past few months.

  Yes the car is bagged, a local shop in town under the name of Rise Above Suspension had done the full Airlift v2 set up.  James from Rise above has done a spectacular job with the car.   Anthony gets to air out slammed, and still drive it low if he wants.   

  As of right now Anthony’s is trying to figure out a way to be able to even out his camber and tuck in the Work VS-TX wheels without rubbing the bags.  I know there are a few of you thinking why would you even do that? You have to remember this is just a daily, his race car/show car is a beautiful Supercharged NA Mazda Miata.  Who knows maybe you guys will get to see that car in the near future.

That is all that we have of the FRS, we took thee photos about 2 months ago.  And since then the car has changed a bit, Anthony has had the exhaust redone to a quad tip setup.  We will continue to follow his build as it progresses.  

Mod List:

Airlift v2 management and struts

Seamless 3 gallon tank

Aluminum hard lines

Megan rear control arms 

Megan toe arms

Origin Lab Front Lip and Sides

Winjet Headlights

OEM Foglights

Spyder Taillights

Fteightysix reverse bar

Work VS-TX 

Nardi Perforated Wheel

Beatrush shift knob

Boss Hub

Semi-gloss black roof wrap

Thanks for looking!!


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