Quick Shots: Rich’s Datsun 240Z

Rich’s Datsun 240Z is a work of beauty. You can tell just how much effort has been poured into this build. Everywhere you look you see corners that could have been cut, but have instead been massaged and molded into yet another facet to enjoy while walking around the car. When combined with the deep barreled white faced NISMO wheels, the blue flake wrap is simply a sight to behold under the late afternoon sun.  Not only does the car look great, it sounds amazing and can keep up with the big boys thanks to the RB25 swap tucked in under the hood. I could go on and on about the car and how cool and laid back Rich was to shoot with, but I’ll let the photos do the talking. See more here.

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  • Troy Hipolito

    This 240 is soo sweet. They have done stuff I would have not thought about. However I would have modernized the tail lights and interior + a few bluetooth gadgets. But very, very nice.