Southrnfresh: Welcome To Chattanooga – Riverside Chattanooga Pre Meet

The last 2 years the Southeast has been really busy with events.  And people have been putting up a solid effort at making the next big event in the south.   You cant just pick a spot on the map and decide to host an event.  It takes a long time to get it right.  2 years ago when Mason and the Riverside team pitched the idea about having an event in Chattanooga.  They were so careful at planning and wanted to make sure everything was perfect.  The planning and attention to details set the stage for a successful stress free event.

This year we were invited to host the pre meet for Riverside Chattanooga 2.  I would be lying if I said we did anything.  The Riverside team pretty much secured the location, and gave us the address, even blocked off 2 main roads and had the city halt construction in the middle of downtown Chattanooga for us, we pretty much just showed up. 




Chattanooga is at most 2 hour drive for most of us in Atlanta, so we drove up the day of the pre meet on Friday and stayed the night in a cool little house about 5 miles from the event venue.

The best part of the house was that all of our cars fit in the backyard, so we did not have to park in the street.  We did not plan on selling anything but our Pre Meet event shirts, and a new shirt with one of the new logos on it that combined the crest and new SF logo in mint.

Darris’ Infiniti Q45

CJ Gann’s Nissan R32

Chris Niswonger’s Silvia

We arrived about 5pm, the event started at 6, but the lot was pretty packed by then.  And shortly after we had completely sold out of all our shirts for the pre meet.  Glad to see everyone enjoyed the shirts, and also happy that we can close up the tent and go enjoy the afternoon with friends.  Our abandoned tent can be seen above with Danyelle’s Fit keeping it company.  

Matt Mummert’s Audi A6

Zeek’s BMW M6

Ed’s BMW 6 Series

Johnny’ E63 AMG Wagon

Dany Young’s Audi R8

Kurshid’s Lexus LS430

Steve Pope’s Bensopra NIssan GTR


The setting was absolutely perfect.  Being right in the middle of the city, surrounded by good people and perfect weather.  We can not say enough good things about this weekend.  Hopefully we will be able to host this event in the same location.  Check out the link above to see the full set of 90+ photos from – Richard S @far.out.back  and Steve Smith @s.t.e.v.e .

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