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Quick Shots: Jake’s Rx8

An old set of pictures taken by Colin in Tennessee of Jake’s Mazda Rx8.  Rx8s are a love or hate kind of car, either you love it because of its curves, great race inspired chassis and rev happy Renesis powerplant.  Or you hate it for being 4 doors, and having some engine issues
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Quick Shots: Snow day in the ATL..

Only in Georgia can we go from high of 55 to 19 degrees in one day and get a coat of ice over the city….. KHRIS H ATL FOCUS ELMER GOG Jon Davis
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Quick Shots: PG+K S2000

A picture I took last year at Import Faceoff in Atlanta of Jay’s S2000 in its many different configurations.  It was awarded Best of show that day.  One of my favorite looks for the car.
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Quick Shots: Clint’s 240

Representing PRIME AUTO out of Atlanta, here is Clint’s 240.  Its seldom we see a clean non abused 240 anywhere, most are banged up and just beaten to hell.   Its not a problem if your car is being used in a motor sport of some kind, but for daily driving its never good idea.  
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